App Mini Review: Ski Safari

Just like that, it’s been 2 months since my last post. Initially I was distracted by GDC, and then this blog sort of fell by the wayside. Anyway, time to get back into it. Because I’m always checking out all sorts of games, I thought it might be fun to do some mini reviews of games that currently hold my interest. I’m not going to score these games or write out a super detailed review, I mainly just want to get some thoughts across and talk about what I’m playing. The first game I am going to do a review of is Ski Safari by Defiant Development.

Ski Safari is sort of a mix between Tiny Wings and Jetpack Joyride. It’s and endless runner/mission based type of game that has you running from an avalanche for as long as you can. What initially caught my attention is the great presentation of the game. The art has a nice clean look to it, the music really fits the mood (and is really catchy), and the game is actually kind of funny. You can be skiing on the back of a penguin one minute, and riding on a snow mobile with a yeti the next. There is a great amount of charm and character filled into the game. The game itself plays really well. It uses a nice one button control scheme that has you tapping to jump and holding down to pull off backflips (giving more points and speed).

However, not everything about the game is perfect. The game is forgiving on mess ups which is nice at first, but sometimes it feels like the game can go on for a while  just playing by itself. Part of me likes the easier difficulty, but another part can get bored with play sessions that last a little too long. I also with there was some sort of in game store. I understand if they didn’t want to offer powerups to affect player scores, but I would at least like to buy outfits for my character and the animals that I ride down the hill.

These are small nitpicks on an otherwise great game. The game has a great combination of presentation, control, and fun that had me hooked all weekend (enough so to inspire me to start these mini reviews).